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Anthony A. Quaranta

Q Group
456 Wheeler Road
Suite 100
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Contact Anthony A. Quaranta Website: www.qgroupltd.com
Marketing Consultant:
Anthony A. Quaranta
Q Group
Chapter Position: Web Site Committee
Member Since 2009

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant:
Anthony A. Quaranta
Q Group



Q Group is a marketing and sales organization with a single mission: to help you make more money. But before that can happen, we need to ask some tough questions.
Questions like:

What are your yearly corporate goals?

Do you know the best way, most efficient way to find your best prospects?

Are you, and you alone, the company’s rainmaker?

When it comes to your product or service, does your entire organization speak with one common voice?

Do you have an executable marketing plan that delivers a return on your investment?

Typically, many small to medium size businesses don’t have the answers to many of these questions. That’s because they’re lacking a well-defined, consistent business generation process. 

At Q Group, in order to achieve our mission—and help you make more money—we need to be sure our clients recognize that the business generation process is just as critical as any other business process, be it accounting, recruitment, purchasing, or manufacturing.

Bottom line? If you don’t have a business generation process in place, you cannot generate growth.


But, precisely what kind of business generation process are we referring to?  One that pays off on your investment, naturally. You’ve heard it referred to as Return on Investment (ROI).  At Q Group, we call it Return on Marketing (ROM).


Q Group encounters a number of similar scenarios as to why clients seek us out.  See if you can relate to any of them:

1.  "We’ve been there, done that and have executed some great marketing ideas.  Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the time or the resources to maintain a consistent marketing program".  Many small to medium-size organizations lack the luxury of a well-staffed marketing department. Good ideas and intentions abound, but unforeseen priorities often detract from more thorough execution. Q Group can be a welcomed, cost-effective outsource solution.  We’ll guarantee not just great marketing ideas, but the commitment required for success.

2.  "Marketing just doesn’t work for us. We did a mailing, and got absolutely no results". More often than not, one isolated marketing effort is not an efficient or effective way to garner response.  In order to generate both consistent and powerful impact, a campaign must integrate a variety of integrated marketing and sales tactics, each seamlessly piggybacking on concurrent efforts.

"Our sales team consists of trusted, experienced, and successful veteransLately, however, they’re not getting the same results".  At Q Group, we believe there can be no separation between marketing and sales. It’s paramount that your sales manager and sales team are completely synchronized with the marketing process. The lack of this connection is many times the root cause of a client’s failure to achieve a successful ROM (return on marketing).

 "We’ve done brand marketing for years.  We’ve tweaked our logo, revitalized our color palette, and come up with some dynamic taglines".  The results, however, just aren’t particularly tangible. Eight out of ten clients didn’t have a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) when we first met them.  At Q Group, we demand one. That’s because the road to success starts with a thoughtful, actionable plan.  We’ll then monitor the MAP and adjust it as market conditions fluctuate and change.  First steps with Q?  Define your goals, your prospects, and the best, most efficient way to reach them.



At Q Group, we treat marketing as an investment, similar to any investment that’s funded by hard-earned dollars.  When you entrust a broker with your yearly bonus, you expect the benefit of a return. Similarly, when you invest your marketing budget with Q Group, you should expect the same benefit. Which is why we provide our clients with integrated marketing and sales solutions that result in profit. We call it your Return on Marketing.  You’ll call it results.

Yes, we offer a fully integrated scope of advertising and promotion services, including branding, advertising, direct marketing, interactive, and public relations.  But what makes us truly different—and valuable to our clients—is that we also provide the business generation expertise that’s integral to your success.



Time and time again, we meet with clients who have an impressive product or service, but simply don’t know how to create business opportunities.  Where exactly is your organization when it comes to having a clear process for generating business?  The Q Group helps you actualize the process by exploring these five critical areas:

Marketing Research and Analysis.  Have you identified the need for your product or service?  Exactly who has that need? Where do they reside?  What do they think?  How much do they spend?

Positioning and Branding.  Have you clearly defined what makes your product or service unique and beneficial?  Have you established a memorable brand?

Product Awareness.  How are you making your target audience aware of your product or service?  Do you hang where they hang? Are you there when they’re there?

Sales Process.  How effective is your team at lead generation?  Appointment setting?  Sales presentation?  What is your close ratio?


Customer Satisfaction.  The fact is most people are not comfortable expressing disappointment, so companies often hear only the good and not the negatives.  We need the truth.

Once your business generation process has been established, it’s time to put the wheels in motion.  It’s time for Q Results.




Q Group provides the critical connection between your marketing and sales objectives, culminating in an integrated marketing and sales plan that results in growth. Our process is straightforward and all encompassing. From strategy to execution.

Measurability and results.

Discovery. We’re great listeners, and that’s because we ask great questions. Lots and lots of great questions. We’ll learn all we need to know about your company, your targets, and your competitors.

Strategic Planning. We’ll create a Marketing Action Plan that defines objectives and goals, and includes action steps, budget, timeline and resource allocation.

Create. We'll help you establish acute clarity for your vision. We’ll ensure that your brand identity and collateral positioning speak the same voice to the right target.

Identify opportunities. We’ll develop lead generation processes that uncover opportunities to generate business with the right prospects.

Measure. We’ll implement a measuring system that provides feedback needed to continually improve the process. The result? A measurable, accountable marketing and sales program designed to make your business more profitable




At Q Group, our ultimate goal is to “build your business…measurably.”  And that’s why QMetrics are an integral part of what we deliver.  Every element of the sales and marketing program must be monitored in order to ensure both the desired results and continuous improvement.  That’s why Q isolates and analyzes these key metric indicators:

1.  Sales Process.  There are typically two key elements of the sales process which demand accountability.  The first is obvious:  how many leads are generated by the campaign and/or program? However, what’s often not done is an analysis of outcome. The Q Group recommends that each outcome is tracked and identified, be it a lead that results in a sale, or an objection which nullifies the sale, e.g., be it price, a competing offer, a corporate decision not to proceed, etc.

The second element is even more insightful—and highly beneficial in terms of future marketing approaches.  That is, identifying the “point of no return” in the selling cycle. According to Q, the “point of no return” is when the momentum in the sales cycle shifts to the “buy” mode.  That point may be when a prospect schedules

an in-person demonstration, when they request more information, or engage in a particular area of your website. It’s that singular action (or reaction) when the opportunity to close a sale dramatically increases.

2.  Marketing Tactics. The second area to measure is precisely how are sales opportunities being generated? And this is where the chosen marketing tactics need to be integral to the sales process and the sales team. Exactly what method is being utilized to uncover opportunities?  Is it sales promotion? Direct mail? An e-mail blast campaign, or a combination of direct sales techniques?  Whatever strategies are being employed, they must be tracked diligently.

Naturally, every business and every prospect is different. And that’s why QMetrics are always highly customized to the opportunity and the challenge.  Want an idea of what your metrics might look like? Click here to view some samples.









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