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Raymond R. Grasing

The Law Firm of Grasing & Associates, P. C.
99 Smithtown Blvd.
Suite 6
Smithtown, NY 11784
Contact Raymond R. Grasing Website: https://grasinglaw.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLawFirmofGrasingandAssociates/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grasinglaw/ Blog: https://www.newyorkbusinesslawyerblog.com/
Attorney Business:
Raymond R. Grasing
The Law Firm of Grasing & Associates, P. C.
Member Since 2019

Attorney Business

Mr. Grasing uses the knowledge he's gained through more than twenty-five years of trial practice in New York, to help his clients avoid litigation wherever possible, or, if it cannot be avoided, to assist them in getting what they deserve once they are in court.

Mr. Grasing knows how to try a case in a straight forward, convincing manor;  how to  pare down the facts and issues to their essential parts, to help a jury reach the correct decision. His understanding of the law gained through his trial experience provides his clients with a distinct competitive advantage, whether or not their case gets to trial, or they ever wind up in court.

Mr. Grasing uses his knowledge in the cases he litigates and in the numerous appellate briefs he writes.  They include:

  • Large commercial disputes that include claims of: 
    • Breach of Contract
    • Tortious Interference with Contract
    • Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing Inherent in Contracts
    • Claims of Consequential Damages, including Lost Profits, and Extra Contractual Damages

  • Employment Disputes
  • Disputes involving construction projects
  • The sale of, and warranties for, commercial goods
  • Collections actions

Mr. Grasing uses this knowledge to assist his clients in avoiding problems that could lead to litigation.  This includes drafting comprehensive supply agreements, severance agreements, production agreements, and forming and dissolving businesses. By investing in doing it right, from the start, clients can avoid undue expense and aggravation in unwanted litigation.

Businesses that have a legal problem, or want to avoid falling into one, can benefit from Mr. Grasing's knowledge and experience.  More detailed insight into what he does, and how he does it, can be obtained from the numerous articles he's written and published on his blog, new york business lawyer blog .com.

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